Author: Zach Abernathy

Music Monday: Sleeping Giant – “Tithemi”

Considering the time in which we’re living (political heat, racial tension, COVID pandemic), “Tithemi” should become our daily prayer and lifestyle.

Music Monday: Brantley Gilbert – “Hard Days”

First repeat artist and an unlikely one given my traditional music genres. I was not expecting this song to have as big an impact on me as it has.

Coach’s Corner 04: New Beginnings

Building a fastpitch organization is challenging. We’re taking three years of mistakes and lessons learned and using them as the foundation for a new beginning.

Music Monday: Nine Lashes – “Glorious”

Another start to the week, and another addition to the Music Monday library. Today we’re listening to “Glorious” from the band Nine Lashes.

Music Monday: Matty Mullins – “No Hold On Me”

For Music Monday we’re listening to “No Hold On Me” by Matty Mullins. I believe this song is his freedom song and is powerful for anyone struggling.

Top 10: Movies – Episode 2

I love movies. I have a list of my favorites. In Episode 2 we take a look at the close seconds. This list is still epic and has several heavy hitters.

Music Monday: Boiling Point – “When You’ve Lost It All”

I’ve listened to this song a lot over the years. The more I listen to it the more I’ve come to realize how true the words are of me and my life.

Brand NEW Design!

For years I have been looking for the right design to build my site. I finally decided to build my own.

Top 10: Movies – Episode One

I’m a bit of a movie junkie. I have always loved movies. Movies, instead of reading, were my way of escaping reality. This is Episode One of my Top 10 Movies.

Music Monday: Nothing More – “Fade In / Fade Out”

Being a father the words to this song are even more impactful and I cannot help but get a little misty-eyed when I listen to the song.

Leadership and Serving: Publix vs. Kroger

Have you ever shopped at Publix or Kroger? The customer service they provide is night and day. One crushes it and we can learn from them.

The Enneagram: Should Christians Use It?

The Enneagram has been a hot topic around my house. Should it have a place in the Christian life or is it a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Top 10: Bands

Top 10 Tuesday: Bands. It was easy to list the bands I love. It was challenging to narrow down the list.

Reading List 2020

For 2020, I put together a list of books I would like to have finished by the end of the year. If you have any suggestions, send them my way.

My Story: Anger

Anger is arguably my greatest weakness. My anger progresses quickly to a level that is likely shortening my lifespan. I need to be better.

Music Monday: Capital Lights – “His Favorite Christmas Story”

The words are easy to follow and the tempo is upbeat with a good twist at the end that will tug at your heartstrings. It gets me in the feels every time.

Permanently Fill the Hole in Your Life

There is a hole in your life. You might think I’m crazy, but I know it’s there. We crave anything we can find to fill it. We attempt to fill this hole with money, success, people, games, lust, alcohol, drugs, education, science, anything, everything.

My Story: Twice Saved

Stories bind us. Stories captivate us. Stories move us. Stories relate us to each other. This is only the beginning of my story. Two true stories from my life where I was saved. One from the spiritual world, one from the physical world, both connected

Music Monday: West of Here – “On My Knees”

This song speaks to me on a deeper level with friends I know have experienced times of great need and when there was nowhere left to go, on their knees they went

Coach’s Corner 03: Attitude & Effort

I believe for an athlete to be the best they can be both on and off the field, attitude and effort are mutually inclusive. Give 100 percent.

“Just” for Fun

This is just a post. You could just read it and see for yourself. If you choose to read it, you just might get something out of it. Perhaps, you just might enjoy it. Maybe it’s just for fun.

Music Monday: RED – “Pieces”

I have had many ups and downs in my journey through life and faith, but one thing has always stayed consistent, forever unchanging, and always there to pick up the pieces of our brokenness and make us whole again.

Music Monday: Tobymac – “The Elements”

Tobymac’s “The Elements” is Ariyana’s “get pumped” song for softball. As a father, I use this as my “stay strong” song for doing life.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Have you ever sold a car because it was dirty? Crazy thought, I know. Does He give you up on you because your life is messy? Some might think so.

Music Monday: Covers for Days

Who doesn’t a good cover song?! I absolutely love a well-done cover song. In some instances I actually prefer the cover to the original.

Music Monday: Scandroid

This week for Music Monday I’m going electronic with Scandroid. I realize I may have just lost most everyone with that opening sentence. I urge you to take a moment, step outside your comfort zone, and give it a shot.

Coach’s Corner 02: I Play for My Team

What did I mean when I said, “I play for my team?” I had the girls repeat this over and over. It was not until the end of the season the words finally made sense.

Coach’s Corner 01: I Play for My Self

During my seasons as an assistant coach for my daughter’s softball team, one phrase you will hear me say quite often is, “I play for my self. I play for my team.” Let’s break down the first part of that phrase.

Coach’s Corner 00: Beginning

One of the things my wife and I have always told our kids is, “you have to do at least one thing, because doing nothing is not an option.” I think most parents would echo that same statement.

Music Monday: Coin – “Talk to Much”

Song three in the “Monthly Music Week” series is “Talk to Much” by COIN. This song actually took me by surprise. I did not expect to like it as much as I do.

Music Monday: S U R V I V E – “Cutthroat”

Today is song two in the “Monthly Music Week” series. The song is “Cutthroat” by S U R V I V E and is devoid of lyrics. It is 100% instrumental and it is amazing.

Music Monday: Brantley Gilbert – “Rockin’ Chairs”

Today marks the first song in my series “Monthly Music Week” and is titled “Rockin’ Chairs” by Brantley Gilbert. Truth be told, I actually dig this song.

The “Leader Ship” is Boarding, 3 Principles to Know

I am always learning and trying to do better. Here are three vital principles I have learned and have greatly contributed to my development as a leader.

A Book a Month: 2017

I have set out with a personal goal of reading a book a month for the year of 2017. This is an exercise in discipline and personal development.

Teeing Off My Next Chapter

I am super excited about the next chapter in my career. Take a quick trip to see where I was and where I’m going to in the future.

Holy Lead Climber

The festival was full of fun, excitement, games, and … the rock wall. Little did I know this would be a proving ground for trusting Jesus.

Faithfully Agile

What does it mean to be Faithfully Agile?

Daily Devotions and Birds

What life lesson can we learn from observing lawn birds and freshly cut grass?

Music Monday: Skillet

Skillet is one of those bands that I have just stuck with through the years and have always been a listening pleasure.

Music Monday: Starset – “My Demons”

While it’s not necessarily a spirtiual song, the words could be applied to a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Music Monday: Disciple – “Outlaws”

We are all created in His image despite what others may say about you.

Music Monday: I Am Empire – “Sing”

The instrumental side of this song is magical. Layer incredible lyrics on top and you have a recipe for a timeless song.

Music Monday: Becoming the Archetype – “How Great Thou Art”

What happens when a classic hymn meets heavy metal?

Music Monday: Andy Mineo – “You Can’t Stop Me”

Andy Mineo is a man who stands, unashamed, by his convictions and is not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to Biblical truths.

Music Monday: Alexi Murdock – “All of My Days”

The song is simply beautiful and needs little explanation of why it should be featured.

Album Release: RED – “of Beauty and Rage”

RED releases “of Beauty and Rage” to the masses and it does not disappoint.

Music Monday: Crowder – “Come As You Are”

Everytime I listen to this song something swells inside my soul and I can’t help but get misty-eyed.

Bent, Broken, Uprooted

I have been bent, broken, and uprooted. Have you?

Top 10: Favorite Foods

This post could make you spontaneously salivate. You have been warned.

Music Monday: Beartooth – “Beaten In Lips”

Today’s song is incredibly moving song. The lyrics and music are powerful.

Top 10: Places I Want to Visit

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday is the Top 10 Places I would like to visit.

Music Monday: 12 Stones – “Broken”

All in all, when I first heard this song, I was all but broken. It was through my brokenness that God turned my life around.

New Content Update: Top 10 Tuesday

In the same vein of Music Monday, today I am launching… Top 10 Tuesday!

Music Monday: Harmony – “In Search Of”

“In Search Of” is a great depiction of a Holy Father who loves his children even when they have nothing else to give.

Music Monday: Theocracy – “As the World Bleeds”

Theocracy brings the truth in one of their best symphonic masterpieces.

Music Monday: Ska

Ska music shaped my teen years and my listening tastes for life.

Music Monday: Manic Bloom – “Betrayer”

Manic Bloom has flown under the radar for a long time, but they have now been exposed and they are amazing.

You’re Invited!

What if you could go to a place where you are accepted for who you are right now? Would you check it out? I know I would.

Music Monday: Dommin – “Closure”

Incredible song about leaving the bad behind and wanting more from life.

Status Update: New Year, New Rules

This is just a quick recap of what is coming in 2015.

Tech Runs This State

Georgia Tech beats arch-nemesis UGA 30 to 24 in Athens on Senior night 2014.

Album Release: Project 86 – “Knives to the Future”

Project 86 releases their newest album Knives to the Future for your listening pleasure.

Excuse me, do you have jumper cables?

“Do you have any jumper cables?” Chances are, if you own a car, you can answer yes to that question. Life needs jumper cables too.

Animator vs. Animation

Animator vs. Animation is a collection of short films that are funny, entertaining, and very clever.

Music Monday: Spoken – “Shadow Over Me”

This week’s Music Monday is from a band that I have followed for years now. The song is “Shadow Over Me” by Spoken. This song is a great reminder to set your eyes on grace. We must learn to look past the gloom and doom of the day and press on with faith that He is […]

Music Monday: Otis Taylor

Otis Taylor is the king of the banjo.

Music Monday: Manafest – “4321”

4,3,2,1…. listen now!

10 Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids

Parenthood is amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. There are plenty of things I did not know before having my kids, such as how to change a diaper, one-handed, in the dark, while navigating around toys strewn across the floor like feet landmines. One thing I certainly did not know is how […]

Music Monday: Project 86 – “Fall, Goliath, Fall”

Project 86 is one of my favorite bands. “Fall, Goliath, Fall” is a resounding battle cry to defeat our giants.

Music Monday: Awaken – “Inertia”

The song is a great reflection of how we live our lives.

Album Release: Thousand Foot Krutch – “OXYGEN:INHALE”

In honor of Thousand Foot Krutch releasing their new album, here is a link to grab their album or you can listen to it below.

Music Monday: We As Human – “Let Me Drown”

This is another one of my kid’s favorites. The song is “Let Me Drown” by We As Human. The song is off of their self-titled album. I love the lyrics for this song. At times we think we’re invincible. At times we think that we can do it all without Him and that’s how we roll. […]

Family Beach Trip 2014

The same time every year, we take our family beach trip. This year was no exception. We had an absolute blast.

Music Monday: Emancipator – “Dusk to Dawn”

Oh boys and girls, I have quite a hidden gem for today’s Music Monday.

Boogie Boards for Life

If you take a quick step back, you can see an incredible life lesson from a simple boogie board.

Music Monday: The Showdown – “Carry On My Wayward Son”

I absolutely love cover songs. This is one of my personal, all-time favorites. It is a cover of “Carry On My Wayward Son” by The Showdown originally performed by Kansas. Not too much to say about this one except that it is an amazing cover. The Showdown“Carry On My Wayward Son” Lyrics Carry on my […]

Status Update: Posts, Music Monday, Design, and More!

Hello everyone! This is just a quick recap of what has been going on lately.

Music Monday: Orion Walsh – “Journey of a Spruce Tree”

I absolutely love songs that tell a story. “Journey of a Spruce Tree” by Orion Walsh is one of my personal favorites and it is off the album First By Water, Then By Fire. It has love, action, drama, sadness. It is a great story of atypical friendship. If you enjoy the song, you can […]

Music Monday: Family Force 5 – “Chainsaw”

Family Force 5 is and has been for a long time one of my favorite bands. Most of their songs are just plain ole fun and are not supposed to be taken too seriously. “Chainsaw” is definitely no exception. Have fun and enjoy the fun. Family Force 5 (feat. Tedashii)“Chainsaw” Lyrics Yeah, they like the […]

Music Monday: Twenty One Pilots – “Car Radio”

“Car Radio” is one of my personal favorites by a band named Twenty One Pilots. When I first listened to it, I not sure I knew what to think about it. But the more times I heard it, the more I fell in love with the idea of losing my car radio. Ok, maybe not losing my […]

Music Monday: Mike Mains – “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

This is one of my family’s favorite songs. It is “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by Mike Mains & The Branches. It’s a blast to listen to and you can’t help but smile and sing along. This is an appropriate song for someone having a bad day. It’s also a great song for someone rebounding from a […]

Top 3 Coding Fonts

After dozens of fonts tried, these top 3 coding fonts I use on a daily basis.

Recommendation, a Thankful Heart

“Take a bath. Get your pajamas on. Brush your teeth. Okay, let’s sit down. Ariyana, sit in your spot. Maddox… Maddox, c’mon over here and sit in your spot.” This is typically the order of operation every night before my kids hit the sack. There are some variations. We toss in a story or two if […]

Mother’s Day 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mommy in the world!! Love,Ariyana and Maddox

Braselton Beach Bash 2014

Pictures from the Braselton Beach Bash 2014. It was a cloudy day which made it feel great. We had a blast!! Continue reading to check out pictures of all the fun!!!!

Why Kids Should Not Cut Grass Alone

I walked beside her as my six and a half year old baby girl, Ariyana, struggled with all her might to man-handle the green, self-propelled Lawn Boy mower.

Music Monday: Demon Hunter – “I Will Fail You”

This particular song really grabbed my attention and the lyrics really speak for themselves. Because I am human, I am a failure to someone. That someone could be my wife, kids, boss, parent, friend, or most of all myself. But even in the midst of my failure, there is one who will never fail and that is […]