Music Monday: Skillet

This week’s Music Monday features one of my favorite bands as a kid and now as an adult: Skillet. Skillet is one of those bands that I have just stuck with through the years and have always been a listening pleasure. They have released 8 full-length studio albums and numerous EPs, compilations, and live albums. They have been nominated for and won noteable awards for their works as well. Their first and only physical album I personally own is Invincible, and others I own digitally. I know that I can fire up any album of theirs and listen to just about every track without skipping any. Their music has evolved over the years (1996-present) and yet it has always remained true to what fans have come to love and expect. They are steadfast in their love for Christ and do not waver in their convictions. Below you can listen to their top tracks, which is only comprised of their most recent albums. If you want to get the full Skillet experience, I encourage you to follow the on Spotify or whatever music listening tool you use.

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