Music Monday: Scandroid

This week for Music Monday I’m going electronic with Scandroid. I realize I may have just lost most everyone with that opening sentence. I urge you to take a moment, step outside your comfort zone, and give it a shot. I know for some of you that is asking A LOT, but you never know, you might actually like it.

I often get asked when I listen to when I run. I used to listen to my playlist which consisted of a random assortment of hard rock, metal, and a little pop sprinkled in for good measure. All of my songs were upbeat and helped me run hard, but what I was lacking was a constant beat. That was when I stumbled upon some amazing new wave artists. The artist I fell in love with is Scandroid.

Any time I go run I always default to the Scandroid Instrumentals playlist. All of the songs have a slight variance in beat but they all flow together perfectly. I have learned that I run best with a steady beat and ZERO words. That’s right, no singing whatsoever. My mind cannot handle it. Call me a guy and say I can  only concentrate on doing a maximum of one thing at one time, but it is true. When I put the music on I get lost in it and I forget about running.

At the top I posted the Youtube playist to full album WITH words and I’ve posted the Bandcamp and Spotify playlists without words. Enjoy.

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