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Music Monday: Manic Bloom – “Betrayer”

This week’s Music Monday comes from another “hidden” band that hails from Nashville, Tennessee. They are Manic Bloom. The song is “Betrayer” from the album Manic Bloom EP. I stumbled upon Manic Bloom sometime in 2012. Their songs are amazing. They are one of the few bands that I can listen to every song on the album without even considering skipping one. “Betrayer” is one of those songs that if you truly picture yourself in Judas’ place, it will mess with you and tug at your heart. Admittedly, the first time I listened to it I thought, “Huh, that’s a good song,” and did not truly appreciate the words to the song. The next time I heard it play it sunk in and I was so moved by it. I hope that you too will not just hear it, but truly listen and understand it.

Manic Bloom
“Betrayer” Lyrics

It was too much for my eyes to take, when I stepped onto the scene
But something drove me deeper still, with this band of angry screams
“Friend, finish what you came here for,” when I kissed his tear stained cheek
And though I sparked this catalyst, I was too afraid to speak

And nothing I could ever do could take away this pain
And I just stare at these bloody hands

I was finished with my duties then, when I turned to walk away
But I shuttered at the work I’d done, when I saw his broken face
And the clouds took over everything, when his breath escaped no more
The others had deserved this fate, but surely he was something more

Some would say it’s not our fault
Hell, we weren’t even born
But I know I’m the reason that the thorns and nails were ever worn

There is only one thing that could take away this pain
And I just stare at his bloody hands


I dropped in the entire Manic Bloom EP album for your listening pleasure. Incredible album by an incredible band. Enjoy!

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