Reading List 2020

For 2020, I put together a list of books I would like to have finished by…

A Book a Month: 2017

I have set out with a personal goal of reading a book a month for the…

Teeing Off My Next Chapter

I am super excited about the next chapter in my career. Take a quick trip to…

I Suffer from “Inet ID:10t Disease”

Congratulations, you already are infected! Yep that's right, from birth to death you have the disease.

Status Update: New Year, New Rules

This is just a quick recap of what is coming in 2015.

Tech Runs This State

Georgia Tech beats arch-nemesis UGA 30 to 24 in Athens on Senior night 2014.

Animator vs. Animation

Animator vs. Animation is a collection of short films that are funny, entertaining, and very clever.

TTCL Now on Facebook & Twitter!

Have you liked TTCL on Facebook or follow on Twitter? Well you can now!

Status Update: Posts, Music Monday, Design, and More!

Hello everyone! This is just a quick recap of what has been going on lately.

Top 3 Coding Fonts

After dozens of fonts tried, these top 3 coding fonts I use on a daily basis.