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The “Leader Ship” is Boarding, 3 Principles to Know

I am always learning and trying to do better. Here are three vital principles I have learned and have greatly contributed to my development as a leader.

Holy Lead Climber

The festival was full of fun, excitement, games, and … the rock wall. Little did I know this would be a proving ground for trusting Jesus.

Faithfully Agile

What does it mean to be Faithfully Agile?

Daily Devotions and Birds

What life lesson can we learn from observing lawn birds and freshly cut grass?

Excuse me, do you have jumper cables?

“Do you have any jumper cables?” Chances are, if you own a car, you can answer yes to that question. Life needs jumper cables too.

Why Kids Should Not Cut Grass Alone

I walked beside her as my six and a half year old baby girl, Ariyana, struggled with all her might to man-handle the green, self-propelled Lawn Boy mower.