TTCL Now on Facebook & Twitter!

TTCL on FacebookI have had several people ask me why I don’t have a Facebook page. My first response was that I didn’t have enough content to support a page (which is honestly still up for debate). My second response was that this is something that I want to just post for myself and not necessarily make it that available. What I found, though, was I was sharing my posts on FB anyway and so were others. With launching a page, I can now have everything in one location and provide an alternate way for other people to engage with the content. Click here to check it out!

TTCL on Twitter


As anΒ alternative for those who prefer Twitter over Facebook, I launched a brand new Twitter profile for just that. This will be a place for more of my random thoughts and quick status updates. I truly don’t expect as much engagement on Twitter, but who knows, could be very engaging. Click here to check it out!

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